Agitated Depression

Agitated Depression

Agitated depression is considered to be a major type of depression and those who are suffering from it will not be aware that they are victims of this mental illness. From the outsider’s perspective, it would appear that individuals who have agitated depression are overly obnoxious, angry, and is highly irritable. This is in contrast to what many people would view depression – as being the mental illness that causes people to become slow, sluggish, and unwilling to partake in any activities. The agitated depression symptoms will often commonly be much more prominent in middle aged and older adults as opposed to children and younger adults. There is a distinct correlation between individuals who exhibit signs of hypomania and those who are diagnosed with agitated depression. In some highly severe cases of this condition, individuals will even consider doing physical harm to others or to themselves in an attempt to “escape” from their troubles.

Signs and symptoms of agitated depression includes: An inability to maintain focus on one task, seemingly over obnoxious, easily irritated, and exhibit signs of being anxious.

Agitated depression treatment is something that is accomplished through the use of prescribed medication and therapy. Drugs treatment come with their typical concerns in that it has to be taken in a very specific dosage and at very specific intervals in order to garner the most effect. Therapy sessions can also be administered to help individuals develop the state of mind that can eventually help them to overcome their illness on their own. Agitated depression therapy can take several sessions before positive results are seen.

Because “agitated depression” patients doesn’t show any of the typical signs of what many people would consider to be a person who is “depressed”, they will often go unnoticed and untreated until the symptoms become worsen to the point where the physical safety of the individual becomes a concern for everyone.

If you suspect someone who is exhibiting signs of having this condition it is advisable to approach them with an open mind and not be direct since many people who have this condition will themselves not realize that they have it or don’t think that it is a serious enough issue to warrant professional medical attention. Subtly suggest that they might have this condition and recommend to them that they seek help from special depression help groups or medical depression clinics.

Agitated Depression

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