Family History and DNA – Know About Interesting Facts

Family History and DNA

Family history research is quite popular these days. Why, if you ask? Well, it is always worthwhile to find out how interesting little details about your family frame your personality traits and behavioural patterns and tendencies. DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid carries a trace of the past, present and future of your genes. You can use the FindMyPast au coupon code and make the process smoother and avail exciting discounts too.

In this article, we will reveal some immensely interesting facts about family history and DNA that will surprise you and make you thoughtful. Who’s in for this wild ride?

  • DNA – The Mystery

Given the scale of human technology, you’d think that scientists have all answers to the intricate mesh that is the human DNA. A New York Times article once declared that prominent researchers have studied only about one-tenth of your DNA. However, all hope is not lost. The human genome project has made significant breakthroughs in understanding the myriad ways in which DNA influences our behaviour, physical traits and health status.

  • Fragility is thy name

Let’s rewind to the school biology lessons for a second here. You must remember how DNA replicates itself every single second and can automatically repair itself without any additional human effort. However, it is also quite fragile and gets affected by factors such as radiation, air pollutants, and UV light quite quickly. It can lead to genetic mutations and, subsequently, diseases such as common cold, dementia, cancer, and even arthritis. Be safe – protect your DNA.

  • The twin absorber

Have you wondered why twins are so rare? We mean, you can count the number of twin babies you know on one finger. It is because most twins get absorbed in the mother’s womb by the first twin long before they start to form a foetus. Therefore, the DNA of the second twin is also subsumed under the first twin’s DNA framework. It is almost as if this twin never existed. In rare occasions, a first twin can even host two diverse sets of DNA. Did you have a twin sibling?

  • The 0.1% factor

The DNA of all human beings are approximately similar by a count of 99.99%. It is only the remaining 0.1% that distinguishes us from others and makes us unique. 

  • Depth of DNA testing

With the recent interest in DNA testing due to increased attraction of the public towards discovering the criminal history, paternity and even ancestry, the pool of genetic markets has been elevated and expanded to previously unforeseen levels. The thoroughness of DNA testing is so efficient and trustworthy that you can trace whether any of your ancestors shifted from their original geographical location as well. Isn’t that amazing?

Now that you have gone through this list, you must be thinking, “No way that this is real.” But believe us, it is, and now you can also discover your family history and DNA traits. Which of these facts you found baffling? Let us know!

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